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In providing Information Technology Management services to our clients, we supply them with the required managerial and technological expertise to transform the IT area into a strategic asset of their organization.

Key Benefits

Highly technical consultants are available to meet both your long and short term needs.
Experienced IT managerial talent is available to assure your IT group delivers the performance your organization requires.
Both long term and short term IT related strategic plans are developed by people who understand business and technology.
Comprehensive training for your team members.
Extensive outsourcing coordination expertise.


IT Staff Development:
The Gries Group excels in revolutionizing non-performing IS departments and turning them into highly efficient, goal-oriented teams.  Over the last 15 years, our executive talent has transformed over ten organization's IT departments.  Through comprehensive business model analysis, The Gries Group has developed plans to retrain, motivate, and redirect thse units into procactive, cohesive, and responsive teams.
Development of Long and Short-term Technology Plans
Our people have over twenty years of executive level IT strategic planning experience.   Our expertise encompasses both short-term planning (individual technology projects) as well as long-term planning (the itergration of new applications into a ten year business plan).
IT Staff Management
Whether you wish us to manage your IT staff or be your IT staff for an interim period, our executives are seasoned IT managers with both the business and technological skills to provide you with the direction and results your organization deserves.

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